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I believe that with the right help and support it is possible for people to change. Whether you are battling something big or small, I believe that change is possible even when you don’t know how to change, when things seem hopeless or when the odds are stacked against you; when you’ve tried and failed before; when it seems like no-one is on your side.

Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy is different with each client, it grows into something unique as the relationship develops. Effective therapy is grounded in good technique, creativity, humor, compassion, understanding and acceptance.

The process of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy is a safe, reliable and proven way to start to make these changes.

I combine different methods of Psychotherapy like Client Centered Therapy C. Rogers, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy de Shazer,  Systemic Therapy, Play Therapy and Hypnosis. These powerful tools help my clients to find their resources and focus on new solutions!

My goal is to ensure that you not only embark upon a fulfilling recovery, but that your life becomes enriched with the knowledge and realization of your full potential to live in peace and joy!

I invite you to check out what I have written here, and if you like what you read, contact me to discuss the next step.




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