About me

DSC_0443.1                       Let me tell you something about me…

As a mother of two school-aged kids I face myself day to day with the challenge to help my children to release their stress from school and also to deal with their demands in a daily life.

Over the years I got my qualification in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and I used what I have learned to help my kids to learn how to deal with their stress and to find their inner balance.

My older daughter loved the imaginary journeys we made and used them to relax deeply – we are still using this method and both of them are always looking forward to lie down on a blanket with a soft pillow under their head, listening to my voice while letting go of every strain and stress. These imaginary journeys which we are taking are helping my children to gain power again, to be calm and relaxed. And they are always curious what will happen next in their journey!

In my daily life I combine different methods of Psychotherapy like Client Centered Therapy C. Rogers, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy de Shazer,  Systemic Therapy, Play Therapy and Hypnosis.

Those powerful tools help my clients to find their resources and focus on new solutions!

If you still have any questions don´t hesitate to ask me!


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